Friday, November 28, 2008

The Staff of the NCPC

I found the staff of the North Carolina Pottery Center tucked away staying warm on the Friday night of the Celebration.
The NCPC was invited to set up a booth to sell books and stands.
We have a very hard working staff of three who keep the NCPC open and rolling along.

Tuesdays - Saturdays
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

$2 - adults
$1 - students 9th-12th grade,
free - students Kindergarten-8th
free - NCPC members.

For more information call (336) 873-8430.

In the case of inclement weather, the NC Pottery Center follows the closing schedule of the Randolph County School system. Please call ahead if you are uncertain of the weather in our area.
Now visit us on Saturday’s for free pottery making demonstrations with a local potter.
See the front desk upon arrival for further information.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

David Garner recipient of Craftsperson of the Year award.

David Garner from Turn and Burn Pottery, Seagrove North Carolina received the 2008 Crafts person of the Year award from the Village of Yesteryear, North Carolina State Fair.
For David this award signifies his years of hard work in the community of Seagrove and the 20 years he has participated as an artist in the NC State Fair.
Congratulations David.

Monday, November 17, 2008

From Tom Starland: Carolina Arts Unleashed

Save the Cheerleader - Save the Planet
This was an interesting catch phrase to promote one of the seasons of the NBC TV show - Heroes. I’ve never watched that program, but I liked the phrase. I’ve used it before in commentary as it shows how interconnected we all are - one person to the next, one person to the environment, one person to the economy, etc.
Like - save your environment - save the planet; save a hungry child - save the next world leader; and save one species - save mankind. Of course some people have been saying - save the banks - save the economy or save US automakers - save millions of jobs. It just goes to show that not all combinations make sense. With some things it’s save them once - save them again and again and once more for good measure.
I’m offering the phrase - save the NC Potter Center - save Seagrove potters too.
Not too long ago we told you how the financially strapped NC Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC, battled to raise $100,000 to keep its doors open. The Center with the help of potters around the Carolinas and pottery lovers raised almost $125,000 in three months during a downturned economy. This was hopefully a temporary situation as it is hoped that the State of NC will eventually take the NC Potter Center under its financial wing - much like it did the troubled Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, NC, last year. But, we have all seen recently what a difference a few months can make.
A lot of that help came from local Seagrove area potters - donating pots for auctions, raffles, and for benefit sales - as well as blogging to get the word out and keeping people informed about the fundraising efforts. A lot of other people helped too.
But, now these same potters are preparing for their biggest financial event of the year - for themselves - the first annual Celebration of Seagrove Potters, taking place Nov. 21 - 23, 2008, at the historic Luck’s Beans cannery in Seagrove. The event starts off on Friday night with an opening Gala which will offer attendees a first chance at special auction items and first chance to purchase from participating potters - over 60 in all. Check out the website for complete details, there will be a lot of stuff going on. There is also a link on that site for accommodations in the area.
This will be a special weekend in Seagrove offering the beginning pottery collector a great introduction and the seasoned collector a chance to update their collections with the newest pots - straight from area kilns - still warm. Believe me, from what I have read about some of the preparations for this important weekend - some pots might be downright hot.
It will also be a great time to visit the recently saved Pottery Center. Admission is free this weekend, but you can still make a donation. And, from what I’ve heard - there may even be another pottery festival going on at the same time in Seagrove.
The important thing is that this holiday shopping season is going to be a critical time for all artists. It will determine how well the holidays and their future year will be. Support them if you can and end up with some beautiful art created by a Carolina artist.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Watch North Carolina Weekend Thursday night

This coming week on Thursday night there will be a brief segment about the NCPC
on the show UNC-TV NC weekend.
This show will air at 9pm on Thursday, November 20th.
We hope you will tune in.
We will be open next week end, with free admission, please stop in the Center to see the current exhibitions.
Also- stop in at our booth at the Celebration Of Seagove Potters over the week-end.
Here is what you will find there:
History, education and demonstration at the upcoming Celebration of Seagrove Potters
Seagrove, NC. November 21-23 2008
Children have a special area where they can try their hand in clay and purchase “Kid Priced” pieces of pottery. The proceeds of the children’s area will be donated to the arts programs of the local elementary schools.
The North Carolina Pottery Center booth will be staffed by knowledgeable volunteers and will exhibit historic pots, provide information on NC Pottery and sell books, catalogs and stands. Representing the NCPC booth is noted author Terry Zug, UNC-Chapel Hill professor and historian. Terry will speak Saturday on the significance of preserve jars from the Seagrove area. He describes Seagrove potters in his book, Turners and Burners, as “…the intangible qualities of the shops-qualities that only emerged gradually and increased the difficulties of classification. Most apparent is the pervasive family orientation. - And reinforcing these clay clans is the deep sense of place.
Finally, there is the potter's historical self-consciousness. It is a genuine sense of the past that gives pride and purpose and guidance to the present.”

Also on Saturday, Pam Owens, of Jugtown Pottery will discuss the history the Early Jugtown Pottery.
On Sunday, Linda Carnes McNaughton will discuss the history of “cultured cabbage” and how it relates specifically to stoneware jars.
Later that day Ray Owen will talk about Ray Auman and the Auman Pottery.

Throughout the weekend Seagrove potters will be giving demonstrations.
On Saturday, 5th generation potter, Sid Luck will share Seagrove history and why Seagrove has been designated the Pottery Capital of the US.
Sid is currently the administrator of TAPS (Traditional Arts Programs for Students) a North Carolina Arts Council initiative. The North Carolina Pottery Center is the site for the Seagrove TAPS program.
Traditional potters from the Seagrove community of Moore and Randolph counties instruct fifth grade students from Seagrove Elementary School in numerous traditional clay processes, including clay preparation, hand building, wheel turning, glazing and firing pottery forms drawn from traditional use and practice.
Other demonstrating potters throughout the weekend include:
Charlie Riggs, Eck McCanless, Jared Zehmer, David Stuempfle, Craig Kovack, Jeffery Dean, Randy James, Ben Owen, David Fernandez, Chris Luther and Michael Mahan.

Saturday, November 22 the show is open from 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday, November 23 10 AM to 4 PM
A second fundraising auction will be held Saturday, at 4 PM offering pieces donated by participating and other local artists.
A wide variety of food and beverages are available.
Admission is $5 and children 12 and under are free.
Attendees are encouraged to bring a canned food item for our food drive.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanking the Donors

We would like to thank the following people for all their help in making the Fundraiser a sucess.
We will continue to raise funds to keep the NCPC open.
It is our hope the NCPC will be here for future generations to leran from and enjoy.

Auction of E. James Collection
Marty Aden
Ross Allen
Marilyn Arthur
Paulette Badgett
Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Baker
Michael Barber
Lisa Barnhardt
Cosetllo Barnes
Amy Bauman
Hayne Bayless
Charlotte Beckerdite
Maryanne Bice
Sharon Biggs
Jennie Bireline
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bluethenthal
Audrey Booth
Daisy Wade Bridges
Jane Bruce
Kimberly Campbell
Blanche Capel
Linda Carnes-McNaughton/Kirk McNaughton
John Chapman
Carol Clark
Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Cooke
Sylvia Coppola
Stephen Dean
Gail Matthews DeNatale
Margori Devine
Arthur Dube
Judith Duff
David Egner
Kim Ellington
Dan Finch and Amy Farabow-Finch
Giff Fisher
Pepper Fluke
Phillip Fulton
Jay Gardner
John Garland and Mary Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gavin
Arthur N.Gerber
Shelton & Carol Gorelick
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Goss Jr.
Jo Grimley
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Grudziecki
Carmen Guy
James R.Hackney
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haigh, Jr.
Dolores Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hamlet
Lee Hansley
Frank Harmon
Patrici Hart
George Hayes
Richard F.Hazel
Caywood Hendricks
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Henneke
Dr.'s Doug and Kathy Hepler
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Herman
Mark Hewitt - Raffle
Mark and Meredith Heywood
Tandy Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Holder
Betty Holland
Dwight Holland
John Hopkins & Laurie House
Philip Hubbard
Nicole Hudson
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Huffman
Michael Hunt & Naomi Dalglish
Ikuko Hussey
Jodi Ingold
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Irvin
Marjorie James
Donald Johns
Ellen Johnson
Janet Isola-Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Jacobs
Joe and Tonda Jeffcoat
Nicholas Joerling
Matt Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Ben E. Jordan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Juliano
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kay
Albert Keiser
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Keogh
Michael Kline
Stephen Knight
Elizabeth Knott
Jack D. Lail
Jane Lappin
Dona Lerner
Suze Lindsay
Barry Lockman
Mr. & Mrs. David Lotocki
Mary Lynn Lotocki & Harold Johnson
Michael Loven
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Luck
Alma Mather
Patricia Marshall
Carolyn McDermott and Fred Shuker
Carol G.McDevitt
Carol McKnight
Polly McLaughlin
Staci Meyer
Ronald Meyers
Charles Millard
Eleanor Miller
Andrea Motes
Don Moffit & Sidney Cruze
Barbara and Suzanne Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nesbit
Robert Otterbourg
Pat Palmer & Dan Livingstone
Marilyn Palsha
Jean Parish
Parker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Parker
Daniel Patterson
Jeanne Patterson
Richard Patterson
Hassel and Rose Patterson
Lara Pavanelli
Cynthia Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Peterson
Roberta Price
George Rector
Jane Riley
Ann Ring
Mr. & Mrs. Sherwin Rodin
Sarah A.Roe
Michael Rutkowsky
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Salamy
Patricia Saling
Maryanne Sanders
Eugenia Schwartz
Ju-ian Shen
Wayne Shiver
Nancy Sidebottom
Clyde Smith
Eddie Smith Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Smithwick
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sobeck
Davor Solter
Elaine Spallone
Mary and Leroy Spangler
Spruce Pine Fundraiser and Raffle
David Starkey
Tom Starland
Sandy Steele
Peggy Steffel
Karen Swager
Nancy Sweezy
Kristine Tedder
Dan & Hat Thompson
Gail Tilton
Phyllis Toon
David Voorhees
Charles Waldren
Josie Walter
Mr. and Mrs. John Watts
Conrad Weiser
Patti Carbone Wellen
Margare Wiebe
Dina Wilde-Ramsing
Janice Williams
Timothy Williams
Verna Witt
Joanne Wood
Eugene Young
Ann Zelle
Charles (Terry) Zug & Daphne Cruze

Contributions Attributed to Memberships

Virginia Ainslie
Marilyn Bland
Tim Blackburn
Dan Blackmon
Bulldog Pottery
Chad Brown
Robin Cadigan
Phillip Carl
Chuck Chamberlain
Phyllis Clark
Lucy Carol Davis
Brian Fields
Jane Finch
Justin Finch
Dan Finch
Carol Freeman
Linda Goodwin
Mark Gordon
Benjamin Gufford
Alvin Headen
Anna Henderson
Ed & Gloria Henneke
Mark Hewitt
Anna Heywood
Michael Hunt
Michael Kline
Diane Lee
Barry Lockman
Bob Meier
Jon Miller
Pat Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs.Milton Chriscoe
Mr. & Mrs.Calvin Holland
Mr. & Mrs.Richard Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs.David Jones
Mr. & Mrs.Douglas Nodine
Mr.& Mrs.Benjamin Burns
Ben Owen
Vernon & Pam Owens
Sharon Pate
Print Shop Of West Ashley Inc.
Donna Proctor
Sandra Roberts
Ruth Sachs
Steve McNutt & Mary Bishop
Lori Theriault
Dan Triece
Eliza Zug Cox

Contributions Attributed to Brick Sales

Mr. & Mrs.David Jones
Steve McNutt & Mary Bishop
Sheila Ray
Jack & Linda Stec

Monday, November 3, 2008

NCPC invitation to be a part of Celebration of Seagrove Potters

The NCPC will have a booth at the "Celebration of Seagrove Potters" in November. They will be selling books and pottery related items. Proceeds go towards the daily operations and educational programs of the NCPC .
In the past few months the NCPC fundraising Committee raised over 120K. This will allow the NCPC to continue to operate, but we should all be aware that fund raising will need to continue.
The next fundraiser for the NCPC will be in the Spring.
We will post more information later about the "Faces For the NCPC".
Meanwhile come out in support of the Seagrove potters and stop by the NCPC booth and see what they have out- and join- your membership is important to keeping the tradition alive.