Saturday, October 4, 2008

North Carolina Pottery Center: Scalloped Platter

Another wonderful piece from the NCPC's pottery collection is this large scalloped platter, by Thurston Cole.
This large "pie" plate shape sets off the imagination of what the giant's, in "Jack and the Bean Stock", favorite pie might have been.
This platter is lovely. If you look at the underside you will find the entire bottom is glazed. It most likely was fired on stilts, a real feat considering its size.

Thurston Cole (1920 - 1966) turned this piece at Royal Crown Pottery in Moore County, NC.

Thurston Cole was Dorothy Auman's brother. Dorothy is quoted as saying "He (Thurston) would go to work at four or five A.M. and stop at ten P.M.. and turn at least 650 pieces a day even 900, if he was pushed. He did it from the drive that was in him. We had orders and we hadn't been having orders. He wanted to fill them to get the business going, but he ran himself down."

This quote is extracted from Raised in Clay; by Nancy Sweezy (page 249).

c. 1940, the diameter is close to 27"